Featured Projects

Galapagos Affair

A couple leave the modern world to create a new Eden-like existence on a tropical island, only to find their paradise disturbed by a sensual beauty and her two lovers.

Red Joan

Based on Jennie Rooney’s novel, Red Joan tells the story of an elderly woman named Joan (Judi Dench) who finds herself accused of spying for communist Russia in her younger days.


An intense Sci-Fi Thriller about the lines we cross in the pursuit of happiness, and the price we pay. On a lonely spaceship orbiting Neptune, Mason Anders fulfills his dream: using AI to rebuild his dead wife, Beth.

The Last Ship

The show is inspired by Sting’s childhood experiences and follows the demise of the shipbuilding industry in Wallsend,Tyne and Wear.

Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent brings the paintings of Vincent van Gogh to life to tell his remarkable story.

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